Four points to pay attention to in car audio technology

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It is a recognized fact that audio has become one of the standards for measuring the grade of modern cars.Therefore, car audio technology has become the focus of attention of car consumers and enthusiasts. There are four points to pay attention to in car audio technology. One is the installation size and installation technology, the other is the shock absorber technology of the audio itself, the other is the sound quality processing technology, and the other is the anti-interference technology.

Installation size and installation technology

The vast majority of the audio on the car is installed in the position of the instrument panel or sub-instrument panel, and the space in these instrument panels is relatively narrow, and the volume of the car audio host must be limited. Therefore, a common standard size for mounting holes has been produced internationally, called DIN (German industrial standard) size.The standard DIN size is 178 mm×50 mm ×153 mm (length × width ×depth).Some more advanced car audio hosts have multi-disc CD audio and other devices, and the mounting hole size is 178 mm×100 mm×153 mm, also known as 2 times the DIN size, which is more common in Japanese machines.However, the audio host of individual brands of cars is a non-standard size, and can only specify the installation of a certain type of car audio.Therefore, when purchasing a car audio, you must pay attention to whether the size of the audio host is compatible with the size of the mounting hole on the instrument panel. In addition to the size of the instrument panel mounting hole, the installation of car audio is more important than the installation of the entire audio system, especially the installation technology of speakers and machine parts.Because the audio quality of a car is not only related to the quality of the audio itself, but also directly related to the audio installation technology.

Shock absorber technology

The vibration of the car is relatively large, and the installation technology of the audio system should pursue high stability and high reliability.Therefore, car audio has the following characteristics: the car tape playback part is mostly placed laterally, and the upper and lower clamps are tightened to ensure stable playback; high-quality ceramic-coated permalloy heads are used to ensure sound quality and durability; the CD part adopts a multi-stage damping method, which requires the components on the circuit board to be welded absolutely reliably.

Sound quality processing technology

The sound quality processing of car audio has moved towards digital technology development.Advanced car audio comes with DAT digital audio, DSP (digital signal processor), MP3 technology, etc., forming a digital, logical, and high-power Hi-Fi stereo system.In addition to the host configuration, the sound quality of the car audio also plays a very important factor in the quality of the speakers.Some people believe that in general car audio, speakers should account for at least half of the total investment.Because the manufacture of high-quality speakers requires complex technology, the price is expensive, but the high and low sound effects produced are often beyond the reach of ordinary speakers.Therefore, the speakers of car audio are generally more particular, especially the multi-channel crossover speakers. The space in the car compartment is limited, and it is impossible for the car audio speaker to bring a large speaker. This requires the use of the instrument panel, door, rear partition and other components to be organically combined with the speaker according to local conditions to form a kind of speaker. The structural principle eliminates the superposition of sound waves.Of course, the installation location of the speakers often affects the sound quality of the car audio. The same pair of speakers will have different effects in different installation locations. Therefore, the installation location of the high-end car audio speakers can only be determined after various tests.

Anti-interference technology

Car audio is in a very complex environment. It is subject to electromagnetic interference from automobile engine ignition devices and various electrical appliances at any time. In particular, all electrical appliances in the car use a battery, which will interfere with the audio through power cords and other lines.The anti-interference technology of car audio uses chokes to filter the interference of the power cord between the power supply and the audio, and a metal shell is used to seal and shield the interference of space radiation. Anti-interference integrated circuits are specially installed in the audio to reduce external noise interference.