Car audio classification

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According to the time of the car's audio when it left the factory

According to the time when the car left the factory, it is divided into original products and after-sales products.The original product refers to the original supporting product, which is the audio that the owner has installed on the car panel when he bought the car. Different grades of cars choose different grades of brands to match them.

After-sales products refer to the audio that consumers choose when they are not satisfied with the car audio after buying the car and replace it.Since it is not restricted by the manufacturer, it can be described as the Eight immortals crossing the sea and each showing supernatural powers.

By region of car audio brand

According to the geographical division of car audio brands, it can be divided into Japanese brands and European and American brands.This is also a classification that everyone is more familiar with, and home audio often uses this classification to compare the pros and cons.

Japanese brand audio is known for its reading and modification of sound quality.Sound reading refers to the process by which the host obtains signals from digital and analog audio sources.The audio technology of Japanese brands is very mature in this regard, and the sound quality is pure and delicate.The modification of sound quality refers to the use of mathematical methods to create various field effects to please the human ear.

The audio of European and American brands is known for its true reduction in power amplification and low-pitch shock.Europeans and Americans pay attention to truly restoring the true nature of music, while some manufacturers pay special attention to bass.In home audio, the power amps and speakers of Ceibs and the United States brands are more respected.

According to the specificity of car audio manufacturers

According to the specificity of car audio manufacturers, it can be divided into professional manufacturers that only produce car audio and wide-area product manufacturers that produce both car audio and other home appliance products. If the debugging is improper, it may not be as balanced as passive sound separation. It is more resistant to hearing.