Maintenance of car audio

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Maintenance of the host

Most vehicles today are equipped with CD players.High temperature and humidity will directly damage the service life of the laser head, so when the sun is raging, in order to avoid direct sunlight, it is best to use a sun visor to resist the scorching sun.

Due to the humid air in summer, it is easy to cause fog on the CD disc. If the humid CD disc enters the host directly, the reading speed of the laser head will not be able to keep up. At the same time, the electrical components will be damp, which will cause damage to the laser head if it is serious.Humidity and high temperature are the main culprits of the aging of electronic components and laser heads.

It is not advisable to turn up the volume of the audio immediately after the car is exposed to sunlight, because the working condition of the electronic system will change with temperature. Turning up the volume immediately will not only damage the speakers and other electrical appliances, but also affect the service life of the host.

Another natural enemy of the laser head is dust.Although the issue of dustproof has been considered in the design process of car audio, the issue of dustproof is still important due to the wide variety of domestic road conditions.When the road conditions are poor, the owner should close the car windows in time, and usually pay attention to the cleaning of the car.

Car CD players mostly use disc suction design.Just put the CD at the entrance and the mechanical structure will automatically inhale the disc.Some car owners do not understand this structure and often push the disc in by hand, which will not only damage the disc, but also damage the tray structure in the machine if it is serious.

Speaker maintenance

Dustproof: The damage of dust is inevitable, but we can minimize its damage.Do a good job of sealing the car doors. If there is a lot of dust on the road during driving, the car windows should be closed as much as possible.If there is dust on the audio host, you can wipe it with a wrung towel.Moreover, after cleaning the cab, it is best to open the windows for a period of time, let most of the water in the car evaporate, and then close the windows, so that moisture can be well avoided.When the car is driving on a dirt road, try not to open the windows to avoid a lot of dust from the outside of the car into the car, and it is best to adjust the outer circulation of the air conditioner to the inner circulation.

Moisture-proof: Water is the thing that electrical appliances are most afraid of.You should always check whether the car window seals are tightly sealed. If they are not tightly sealed, water enters from the car door and flows to the horn during car washes or rainy days, which will damage the horn if it is light, and burn the host circuit if it is heavy.Close the car window when washing the car, and open the car window after washing to circulate air to evaporate the water in the car.After the audio is dampened, it will make a “sizzling” sound, which seriously affects the audio-visual effect.

Prevent severe vibration: severe vibration can cause the internal parts of the audio to loose or be damaged.When cleaning the audio, do not slap the audio vigorously to shake off the dust. In the case of bad road conditions, you should drive smoothly at low speed to protect the car and the sound and ensure safety!

Disc maintenance

Do not put the disc on the dashboard.In the hot summer, the disc can easily deform under the exposure of the scorching sun.

For the tape part of the audio, care should also be taken to avoid heat and moisture.Excessive temperature will deform the tape, and the cassette phenomenon will occur when it is put into the host.If the directory sign on the tape is flipped up, it is better to simply tear it off, otherwise it will cause the failure of the tape to be returned.When you don't listen for a long time or are in a shutdown state, it is best to exit the tape, because the pressure pulley will temporarily hold the tape when it is turned off, which will cause the pressure pulley to deform for a long time.

The disc will have dust and scratches after being unused for a long time. When wiping the dust on the disc, wipe it in a direction perpendicular to the audio track.

When using the host, you must choose a genuine disc of good quality.Because pirated discs often have uneven disc surfaces or round disc holes, these hidden dangers will cause the laser head to produce jump points and other failures during playback, which directly damages the life of the laser head.